Educational platform


To attract and teach your customers


To promote and monetize your apps and services

Services via REST API

Micro-courses, tests, MOOCs, videos and much more


Precise and deep information about education

Become a partner and get special offer




Growing knowledge base
of ready-to-use content


New content using web interface and builders based on our resources or from the scratch


Content in your applications without updating – all changes are available on the fly

All you need for education

Courses, tests,

Instant educational services
available "out-of-the-box"

Integration with
major players

You are not limitied at all - use as much in your applications as possible

Constantly growing
number of features

We are growing all the time - and you are growing with us!

Create new tools
with us

Create new tools with our resources - we will plug them into the platform

Target audience and marketing tools

Global audience and straight contact

Constantly growing user base - thousands of people around the world

Segmentation in any way you need

We know everything about how our users study and what they need

Email and push notifications

Use the best tools to instantly touch exactly that very people that you need

In-app advertising and interaction

Built-in tools for in-app promotion from well-known ads to unique instruments

Real Big Data in education

Real Big Data in education

Millions of users activity monitored and analyzed every day in real-time

Learning results analytics

Instant and deep results analytics like courses & tests in real time

Users activity

Know everything about how users interact with content and each other

Predictive forecasts - see the future

Get insights on the future based on our statistics and forecast-engine