Native iOS / Android / Windows 8 / Phone apps

All container applications for each template are built as native applications, so you get all the best every platform can give you.

Update content without app updating

All content is stored in the cloud, so you can update it on the fly without updating the apps. This also means you can even update logic of your educational tools like test settings in an instance!

Templates and customization

The number of templates is growing every day, so you are almost sure to find the one that suits exactly you. In addition to this, you can customize your app in a very simple way using our web interface.

Web interface and instant creation

No coding is required. This means you can create your app in a few simple steps just using our interactive web interface.


It's only your decision - to make your apps free or sell them. But there is also one more very special thing - publishing your app under Studyx brand .

Publishing under Studyx brand offers you numerous advantages from free platform usage to all-round app promotion. That is why this option is granted only to the best apps. And that is why selecting publication under Studyx brand you'll need to pass additional Studyx quality control. But it's worth of it.

Apps promotion

Imagine hundreds of thousands of people using your app the next day after publication... Is it just a dream? Not with Studyx!

Our growing user community is at your service! Feel free to promote your app directly to each user we have.

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