No programming

You don't need to be a programmer or a designer to create your own app.

Building your mobile app with Studyx app builder is as simple as uploading content to a web-site. In details full publishing process is described here.

To start building your first app all you need to do is to specify subject and choose an appropriate template. Further actions are performed in simple web-interface. You see, no coding is reuired!

No editing

You don't need to edit your content in any special way - simply upload the files just as they are.

You can add links to videos from Youtube, upload Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and PDF files.

You don't even need to create tests. When it is necessary, simply add questions for knowledge control. Amusing activities and smart tests will be created automatically based on your questions.


Using Studyx app builder is abolutely free. But it's not just free. You can even earn!

While there is an obvious idea to sell your app after publishing, there is also one more very special thing - publishing your app under Studyx brand .

Publishing under Studyx brand offers you numerous advantages from free platform usage to all-round app promotion. That is why this option is granted only to the best apps. And that is why selecting publication under Studyx brand you'll need to pass additional Studyx quality control. But it's worth of it.

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