Fully enjoy our constantly growing knowledge base of ready-to-use quality educational content. Use it in your applications and services to extend users possibilities and to provide deeper learning experience.

Feel free to add to your applications and services any kind of materials from our knowledge storage. This includes, but is not limited by:


While using your own and existing content you can create new content using web interface and builders based on our resources or from the scratch.

One of the most impressive features is creating new tests without writing a single question! This is possible because of tens of thousands of questions for tests already stored in our platform! The questions are carefully structured and their number is constantly growing. Haven't found exactly the question you need? Just fix the most similar or add your own in a few seconds. Creating new tests has never been so easy and fast!


Control and update content in your applications without updating the app itself – all changes are available online!

All content is stored in the cloud, so you can update it on the fly without updating the apps. This also means you can even update logic of your educational tools like test settings in an instance!

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