Studyx analytical platform

Every day thousands of people interact with mobile applications and web services powered by Studyx platform. We store and analyze this information up to the very smallest bit of it. This helps us better understand learning behaviour of our users and make our learning paths and services better with every action a single person takes.

But platform improvement is not the only possible use for Studyx Smart Eye - our AI powered analytical engine. Studyx wouldn't have right to be called an open platform if we didn't share this data with you. That is why we have both open data arrays and carefuly prepared marketing insights you can use to improve your products and better sell them.

If you want to try our data, feel free to contact us at

Real Big Data in education

Millions of users activity monitored and analyzed every day in real-time

Learning results analytics

Instant and deep results analytics like courses & tests in real time

Users activity analytics

Know everything about how users interact with content and each other

Predictive forecasts - see the future

Get insights on the future based on our statistics and forecast-engine

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