User search

The search is conducted in user name and email. If @ symbol is found in a search query the request will search for exact match of search query with user email. In other case it will search for partial match with user name or email. Optionally you can specify a university identifier to search only within it's students.

  • search – search query
  • page – results page number
  • u – the number of users on a page

Request example

Response format


  • UID – unique numerical user identifier
  • {# } – separator
  • UNAME – user name
  • UEMAIL – user email (currently not used)
  • IMGLNK – 100х100 user avatar link
  • UNID – unique university identifier where the user studies
  • UNNAME – university name

Response example

245{# }Гость{# }{# }{# }72{# }МЭСИ

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