Developer API access address («sandbox»)

While developing and debugging your application you are allowed to connect to developer's API, i.e. "sandbox". After moderation you are granted with access to the main version of API.

We strongly recommend to point API access address as a constant in your application, so that switching to the main version of API doesn't make difficulties further.

Restrictions of the «sandbox»

Developer API is full-functioning. The only restriction is the amount of content you can use from developers database.

The amount of content for application development is limited by 3 subjects:

  • History (did=21)
  • Philosophy (did=156)
  • Marketing (did=17)

Each subject contains 100 facts and also a set of 4 basic tests (trial, easy, medium and hard) for debugging test passing mechanism.

! Basic rule of using the API

Every API access besides the described parameters must contain the basic parameter set, identifying developer's application. Thus, every REST API access must contain additionally the following parameters:


  • APPID – unique application identifier (obtained during the application registration)
  • APPSGN – unique application signature (obtained during the application registration)
  • APPCODE – unique device identifier (is generated by development framework using one of the existing built-in functions)
  • OS – device OS (available values are «ios» for iOS, «android» for Android, «wp» for Windows Phone and «w8» for Windows 8 / 10)
  • VER – device OS version
  • WIDTH – device screen width
  • HEIGHT – device screen height

For the time of development you can use:

  • appid=306
  • appsgn=d8629af695839ba5481757a519e57fb1

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