Single login

All Studyx powered applications use single login. This means that being registered once you can further use these credentials to authorize in any application or service from Studyx universe.

In your application on login screen you need to state the information about single login being used in Studyx and working in all the applications from Studyx universe:

"Studyx universe
Your login from other our applications works here too!"

Link to Studyx

In some cases your application must contain well seen button or banner on the main screen linking to the full list of our applications: All Studyx applications.

Publishing rules

Applications created using Studyx platform can be published under your own or Studyx brand. If you want to publish your application under Studyx brand, you need to comply with our quality requirements. You are also free to publish applications under your own brand. In this case you will need to choose an appropriate type of subscription.

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