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Loads user's personal profile

  • memberid – unique user identifier

Request example

Response format


  • UnID – unique university identifier
  • # – separator
  • UnNAME – university name
  • UNAME – user name
  • IMGLNK – template for user avatar
  • UID – unique user identifier (number)
  • STNUM - number of students in the same university
  • MSGNUM - number of unread messages
  • FRRQS - number of friend requests

Response example


All user avatars are stored in jpg format

Full link to user avatar is constructed based on avatar template by adding storage address in the beginning and required avatar size in the end (underline symbol "_" plus size in pixels plus extention ".jpg"): - link to 268 х 268 avatar

You can also use a link to load 100х100 avatar:

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