Single Studyx login

On your login screen you must state information about using single registration working in all applications powered by Studyx platform (being registered just once a user can skip registration in all other applications and use his first credentials for login).

To do this you should place on your login screen the following statement:

"Studyx universe
Your login from other our applications works here too!"

  • login – user login
  • pass – user password
  • memberid – unique user identifier
  • phoneid – unique device identifier

It is allowed also to authorize without password - with only login and unique user identifier, so called memberid. This kind of authorization works similar to web cookies and is used during recurring sessions for automatic user authorization.

There is also test user for developers: login guest, password guest.

Authorization example (authorization with login and password)

Response format


  • MID – unique string user identifier
  • EMAIL – user email (login)
  • PAIDTILL – paid subscription end date
  • UID – unique digital user identifier

Response example

When a user can't be authorized 0 is returned

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