Finishing a test

  • tid – unique test session identifier
  • memberid – unique user identifier
  • a – a set of answers given to the questions of the test

The value of a parameter is formed as follows:

  • the set contains the answers to all questions, even if some of them were skiped or not answered (an empty answer is given in this case)
  • the answers are given in the same order as questions are listed in the test sheet
  • the answers are separated by hyphen
  • if question type equals 2 the selected answer identifier AID is given
  • if question type equals 3 a word wrd:ANSWER containing typed answer ANSWER is given
  • if question type equals 4 a set of selected answers identifiers AID1;AID2;AID3; separated by semicolons is given

Request example;566943;-566947-566951;566952;-566955;566956;-566958-wrd: прав1

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