General principles of testing mechanism

General principles of testing mechanism

Testing process

The testing engine is built so that new tests generation, its' analyzing and results forming are processed on server side. A mobile application acts in this case as a "thin client", only displaying testing process, collecting answers, sending them to the server for processing and displaying the final results.

The testing process is organized as follows:

  • An application sends the request to the server
  • As a response from the server the application receives a "test sheet" – the list of questions with possible answers (there are three main types of questions – with single correct answer / radio buttons, with multiple correct answers / checkboxes, with free answer / textbox)
  • The test is taken inside the application. While getting answers to the questions, the application sends special logging requests to the server
  • When the application gets the final answer or a user manually finishes the test the application forms the final request sending user answers to the server and finalyzing the test
  • And finally within the application a user is navigated to the page where the results are viewed

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