Subjects list in alphabetical order

  • limit – number of subjects on a page
  • page – results page number
  • char – first letter of the subject names

You can display the full list of the subjects in alphabetical order leaving char parameter empty.

First letter of a subject name char is passed in HEX-code, for example letter «и» will be passed as %d0%b8. In this case you will get the list of subjects with names starting with letter «и».

Request example (all subjects in alphabetical order) (the list of subjects starting with letter «и»)

Response format


  • DID – unique subject identifier
  • # – separator
  • DNAME – subject name
  • QNUM – number of questions in the subject
  • ENUM – number of tests in the subject

Response example

558#Связи с общественностью#99#5
417#Семейное право#166#9

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